F R E E g o o d s !

I’m hoping the title grabbed your attention 😉

I have recently discovered the site Creative Market! “free is for me!”

It is a great site for two reasons: free stuff (on a weekly basis, the rest are items to purchase) and the ability to offer some of your own makings to the world!

It seems like each week there is a free item from each category: type, illustrator brushes, clipart, and some other handmade items that have been scanned in to use digitally. I thought of Emily Cromwell’s tutorial on the gouache illustrator brushes and figured I would let everyone know about this resource for free brush potential each week! Enjoy!

Check it out!  c r e a t i v e  m a r k e t


Photographing your own work

Here’s a link to some tips on photographing your own work. Could be useful when it gets closer to putting our portfolio books together!


Show & Tell

Hello Everyone,

I will be presenting some of the fundamentals of photography, especially the rule of thirds, and how it’s a very useful tool not only in photography, but across various mediums. For the activity, we’re going to quickly practice taking a picture and applying the rule of thirds. And if there’s time afterwards, I’ll show some of the tools used for editing such as in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Below is an example of the rule of thirds.

MOC Zuckerman on Composition Rule of Thirds 1-2

Free High Quality Stock Images




I highly recommend following these steps to access the free stock images before veering off to other sections of the website:

  1. On the left window pane, click “Free Stock Photos”
  2. 2. Click “Multisite Search” then “Visual Hunt”

From there, you’ll see six colums worth of categories to choose from.

Another great source under “Free Stock Photos” is called “Minimography”