Mural Contest Submission – YW Boston

Official Rules


Calling Boston-area artists, illustrators, and designers!



If you could get the people of Boston to stop on The Greenway for a moment and DRAW, how would you do it? The Greenway invites you to submit an idea, challenge, or prompt for a new program called DRAW that will inspire Greenway visitors to sit down together and draw along our 1.5 mile park system!
To participate, please send the following to Kait Levesque (

  • A few sentences suggesting simple steps Greenway visitors can take to make a drawing, ideally inspired by some aspect of your own practice, The Greenway, or Boston;
  • One or two images (JPG, etc, suitable for printing 5” x 5”)
  • A very short sentence describing who you are and (optional) how the activity might relate to you/your work.

We’ll put these ideas on large rolodex-style cards and attach them to our drawing boards, available wherever the Uni pops up.

Out on the street, we’ll provide people with pencils, charcoal, paper, and other drawing tools. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to facilitate, but your ideas will provide the inspiration to get people started.

The Uni DRAW cart is a new part of The Greenway’s Play programming. Designed and built by The Uni Project, NYC, the cart will pop up in our many parks serving neighbors, commuters, and especially, our youth visitors from areas around Boston. We are dedicated to engaging our visitors in the beauty and fun of The Greenway and Boston. Your contribution will mean a great deal to the people we meet. Thanks for helping us create an oasis for drawing on The Greenway.

We are unable to respond to all entries. You will receive a reply only if your prompt is chosen.

Thank you,

Katherine Levesque
Play Coordinator
Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
185 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA 02111


Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by Freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500.

(Click on pic for link) Below is an example of one of the services offered. Its a tough market out there but it doesn’t mean its better. Is good to know what we are competing against. Most of the people that use fiver are start-ups, home based businesses, or  people that want a quick design and might not have the means to hire a greater quality designer/service.

do any Photoshop edit

Catch is: the lower the price the lower the quality and longer delivery times.

Additionally is good to create a presence here, if you are efficient with your time and do not overthink the process, it might be a great tool to work on volume and production skills “while you get paid for learning”

Beware, Consider before becoming a Fiver Freelancer:

You are competing with the rest of the world where in some places  minimum wage could be as little as 5 dollars a day. So don’t expect to get rich out of this website, specially if you under deliver due to time constraints.

know the lingo of contracts, what rights you are selling and what your duties are.

Stablish and understand  the competitive fee structure before jumping in cold waters as a fiver Freelancer. Avoid headaches by  Making everything clear. look up your “stablished competitor’s” contracts fine print on their services.

Good luck !



AIGA: Stuff You Didn’t Learn in School (February 4, 2016)

Hey Guys!

So a few of us had attended the AIGA Event (Stuff You Didn’t Learn in School) this past Thursday at Lesley University. I will say that it was definitely well worth the trip!

Seth Johnson is a fantastic speaker and designer from IBM. He provided us 4 key points to acknowledge when preparing for the big interview, and even for after we get hired.

  1. It is your job to tell you client or team what YOU think they need.
  2. Just shut up and listen.
  3. Keep making your own work.
  4. Always be curious, never be satisfied.

He also pointed out other tips to help you as you are starting out in the design world.

  • Find a mentor, no matter what job, or who it is.
  • Have good observation of other’s work and your own.
  • “Fake it till you make it.”

He made a point that we will have our ups and downs. He points out that we may end up hitting rock bottom before making our way to the top, and that’s okay. Seth himself never went to design school, and was a designer for smaller companies before making his way up to IBM in Texas. He was inspiring in a sense to never give up. My favorite key point of his is to learn to NEVER be satisfied with your work. Just because we finished our portfolios before graduation, doesn’t mean it’s finished forever. Always update, and push for other personal projects that say something about you.

Here is Seth’s website and some of his work:

I have learned so much from this experience and thank him for taking the time to fly up north and talk to us. I’m glad we had the chance to go, and will definitely be attending more AIGA events in the future.

~ Katie