Mechanical Flip Book Art

I just came across this randomly and thought it was an interesting concept. I would some day like to try making one for growth patterns of plants.

Mechanical Flip Book Art


32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

Summer is coming faster than we know it, and here is some advice to turn that leisure time to income.  A good article that filters out scams, some better than others and some too time consuming to be worth the effort, but a lot to select from..

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.59.48 PM

These are all ideas that we’ve done before, so we know that they’re real and that you’ll get paid. Plus, I guarantee there are some in here that you’ve never heard of…

What to Post On Each Social Media Channel

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share this great blog post I found the other day. It gives some great advice about what types of things you should be posting to each social media channel. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, etc.)


Hope you find it helpful! =)


What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet