Calling Boston-area artists, illustrators, and designers!



If you could get the people of Boston to stop on The Greenway for a moment and DRAW, how would you do it? The Greenway invites you to submit an idea, challenge, or prompt for a new program called DRAW that will inspire Greenway visitors to sit down together and draw along our 1.5 mile park system!
To participate, please send the following to Kait Levesque (

  • A few sentences suggesting simple steps Greenway visitors can take to make a drawing, ideally inspired by some aspect of your own practice, The Greenway, or Boston;
  • One or two images (JPG, etc, suitable for printing 5” x 5”)
  • A very short sentence describing who you are and (optional) how the activity might relate to you/your work.

We’ll put these ideas on large rolodex-style cards and attach them to our drawing boards, available wherever the Uni pops up.

Out on the street, we’ll provide people with pencils, charcoal, paper, and other drawing tools. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to facilitate, but your ideas will provide the inspiration to get people started.

The Uni DRAW cart is a new part of The Greenway’s Play programming. Designed and built by The Uni Project, NYC, the cart will pop up in our many parks serving neighbors, commuters, and especially, our youth visitors from areas around Boston. We are dedicated to engaging our visitors in the beauty and fun of The Greenway and Boston. Your contribution will mean a great deal to the people we meet. Thanks for helping us create an oasis for drawing on The Greenway.

We are unable to respond to all entries. You will receive a reply only if your prompt is chosen.

Thank you,

Katherine Levesque
Play Coordinator
Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
185 Kneeland Street
Boston, MA 02111


F R E E g o o d s !

I’m hoping the title grabbed your attention 😉

I have recently discovered the site Creative Market! “free is for me!”

It is a great site for two reasons: free stuff (on a weekly basis, the rest are items to purchase) and the ability to offer some of your own makings to the world!

It seems like each week there is a free item from each category: type, illustrator brushes, clipart, and some other handmade items that have been scanned in to use digitally. I thought of Emily Cromwell’s tutorial on the gouache illustrator brushes and figured I would let everyone know about this resource for free brush potential each week! Enjoy!

Check it out!  c r e a t i v e  m a r k e t

What to Post On Each Social Media Channel

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share this great blog post I found the other day. It gives some great advice about what types of things you should be posting to each social media channel. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, etc.)


Hope you find it helpful! =)


What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet



Brochure Design Inspiration

I found this website that has some cool design layouts for brochures, but could easily be used for other things, maybe your take away piece!

25 Creative Brochure Designs For Inspiration

– Clarissa

Vintage Type, posters, hand drawn type

Here are a few resources for you:


22 Inspiring examples of vintage posters

Tivoli posters

Classic posters


Learn How to Draw Lettering Using Your Pencil & Adobe Illustrator

Jeremy Cowart Video: I’m Possible

Hey everyone!

I came across this video on Facebook and thought I’d share it with you all. Jeremy Cowart is a famous photographer, but started out as a graphic designer. In the video he basically describes how he got to where he is now and shares his past projects and future hopes. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a more inspiring video. It’s about 25 minutes long so if you have some free time, I highly recommend you watch it, especially til the end. He is literally changing the world.

I’m Possible.

“Here it is… my past, present and future. To every single human in the world who thinks they can’t do something… this one is for you.”


– Clarissa