The difference between OTF and TTF

Not sure if everyone already knows this but I thought I’d share anyways. I’ve been looking into buying fonts and came across this the other day: when downloading a font, do I want OTF (OpenType Font) or TTF (TrueType Font)?

In short: TTF came first, and was created for use on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, print, web, etc). OTF was created afterwards and offers a bit more (ligatures, glyphs, storage, small caps, etc).

Here’s a link that breaks down the difference in more detail. Hope this is helpful!

– Clarissa


Photographing your own work

Here’s a link to some tips on photographing your own work. Could be useful when it gets closer to putting our portfolio books together!


Brochure Design Inspiration

I found this website that has some cool design layouts for brochures, but could easily be used for other things, maybe your take away piece!

25 Creative Brochure Designs For Inspiration

– Clarissa

Jeremy Cowart Video: I’m Possible

Hey everyone!

I came across this video on Facebook and thought I’d share it with you all. Jeremy Cowart is a famous photographer, but started out as a graphic designer. In the video he basically describes how he got to where he is now and shares his past projects and future hopes. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a more inspiring video. It’s about 25 minutes long so if you have some free time, I highly recommend you watch it, especially til the end. He is literally changing the world.

I’m Possible.

“Here it is… my past, present and future. To every single human in the world who thinks they can’t do something… this one is for you.”


– Clarissa

AIGA: Stuff You Didn’t Learn In School

Hey everyone,

Some of us went to the AIGA event at Lesley last Thursday and I thought I’d recap on how it went! Seth Johnson who works for IBM spoke and gave us 4 key points that I thought I’d share.

  1. It’s your job to tell the clients (or your team) what you think they need.
  2. Shut up and listen.
  3. Make your own work.
  4. Always be curious, never satisfied.

Seth is a great speaker and supported these points with personal stories. I think my favorite was his third point – make your own work and include it in your portfolio. He says it shows inspiration, talent, and that “you’re not a robot.” It also gives a glimpse into who you are as a person. He made a point that whatever you do, there’s something that can be designed for it, so make it into a project.

Overall it was a great talk, and I’m glad we had the chance to go!

– Clarissa