Katie’s Branding Process 3/22


Here is my process so far the Branding Project for JP’s Auto Detailing. I tried coming up with different meanings to design basic logos. Some of the ideas include the nozzle of a spray bottle, the stitching, the term “spotless” or even tires, tracks, headlights, and water droplets. I was gonna come up with more, but I wanted these to be view to make sure I’m on the right track. Do you have and favorites or recommendations?! And this goes out to everyone. Any critique would be awesome. Let me know!

~ Katie Durst


Final Travel Poster for 3/22

Maori Final March 22

Here is the final look for the Maori Culture Poster for the Travel Competition. Not much was changed from the previous critique, except for reducing the complexity of the background to emphasize the look of the mask. I also changed a few colors around to let the composition come together as a whole. My ideas have changed from the start, but Daryl was the one who helped me realize that it wasn’t the mask that was uninviting, it was the background the could be brighter and more interactive. With that in mind, I changed things around drastically, and everything was designed in the pen tool. The end result is a HUGE improvement from when I started. I very happy with the final product.

~ Katie Durst

Katie’s Show & Tell

Hey everyone!

My Show and Tell is about how to use your own writing, or hand lettering, and turn it into actual type!. You can use Illustrator, Photoshop, or do free hand and scan it into a PDF file. Make your own lettering come to life.

Here is the online generator to use.


Download the template to your computer and place to your Illustrator or Photoshop to work with. You can also print this out as well. Once your done, save as a PDF and upload to the site. Once it’s generated, download to your computer and add to your Font Book.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 09.35.12

The site is completely free to use! Have a type like Baskerville or Gill Sans, or just make it completely your own. This can be fun to use towards your portfolio, or your own personal work. Be creative and have fun!

~ Katie

AIGA: Stuff You Didn’t Learn in School (February 4, 2016)

Hey Guys!

So a few of us had attended the AIGA Event (Stuff You Didn’t Learn in School) this past Thursday at Lesley University. I will say that it was definitely well worth the trip!

Seth Johnson is a fantastic speaker and designer from IBM. He provided us 4 key points to acknowledge when preparing for the big interview, and even for after we get hired.

  1. It is your job to tell you client or team what YOU think they need.
  2. Just shut up and listen.
  3. Keep making your own work.
  4. Always be curious, never be satisfied.

He also pointed out other tips to help you as you are starting out in the design world.

  • Find a mentor, no matter what job, or who it is.
  • Have good observation of other’s work and your own.
  • “Fake it till you make it.”

He made a point that we will have our ups and downs. He points out that we may end up hitting rock bottom before making our way to the top, and that’s okay. Seth himself never went to design school, and was a designer for smaller companies before making his way up to IBM in Texas. He was inspiring in a sense to never give up. My favorite key point of his is to learn to NEVER be satisfied with your work. Just because we finished our portfolios before graduation, doesn’t mean it’s finished forever. Always update, and push for other personal projects that say something about you.

Here is Seth’s website and some of his work: http://sethjohnson.org/index.php

I have learned so much from this experience and thank him for taking the time to fly up north and talk to us. I’m glad we had the chance to go, and will definitely be attending more AIGA events in the future.

~ Katie