Process 3/22

I love to draw monsters, so I have been working on making a little “Monster Guide” that is geared towards children. Each page is going to have a different monster along with their name, species, and a little description about them. I want the pages to be simple and easy to read. I aim to have between 10-12 monsters in the book. Here is my process so far.




Final Critique 3/22


Here is my travel poster. I am still struggling with the typography so if anyone has any suggestions or feedback feel free to leave a comment!

Show & Tell

Hello Everyone!

Tomorrow I will be doing my Show and Tell on the web and mobile prototyping app Invision.

You will need to make an account for tomorrow’s activity so if you have time please go to and hit “sign up free” at the top right hand corner.

Also, here are some quick templates that can be used for the activity.Phone_HomeScreen   Lock Screen  Phone_Music