How to choose a logo designer.


I thought this was an interesting read, especially looking at it from a client point of view.




Final Critique 3/22/16

Grand Circle Travel 2

Choosing Northern Spain and Portugal I realized how much they live their lives and thrive on the coast. The ocean is their way of life; the boats have both practical and cultural meaning and there is so much pride in their simple yet vivid design that reveals much about their culture. Architecture is also key to the composition as it serves to be iconic and representational of the geographical coordinates of Spain and Portugal also delving into the connections between rustic-like architecture and the more modern houses that are now implicated on the coasts. I hoped to include representational yet simple colors into the composition to correlate a vintage yet cultural feel between the Basque Culture and Grand Circle Travel Agency.


Show and Tell: Long Exposure

In class I presented the many different facets to Long Exposure photography and ways in which you can capitalize on your creativity. Below is a video showing Steel Wool which is steel in wool form and is can be lit with a 9 volt battery or a lighter, it makes for really creative and unique photos! I’ve also added a few of my own photos; the unique thing about long exposure is that the photos let you see what the eye can not see.