My Process for Online Class 3/22

My next project is to illustrate a dessert recipe. I have decided to only do one recipe since I would like to include other things in addition to this recipe illustration at the senior show, and I feel that more than one recipe would take up too much space. However, I am really enjoying the project and I am planning to make this into a series of recipe illustrations that can be put together in a package, after the show is over and I have more time.

Below, are my process sketches for my recipe illustration. It is just in black and white right now but once I figure out which direction I’d like to take it, it will all be in color!



What to Post On Each Social Media Channel

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share this great blog post I found the other day. It gives some great advice about what types of things you should be posting to each social media channel. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog, etc.)


Hope you find it helpful! =)


What to Post on Each Social Media Outlet



Digital Painting Resources

Hi every one!

I will be presenting my Show and Tell tomorrow showing how I create all of my illustrations digitally in Photoshop. Below are some helpful resources for anyone who is interested in learning more about the topic!

Video by Kyle T. Webster (the creator of the brush set) demonstrating how to use the gouache brushes:

Video by Kyle T. Webster demonstrating how to use watercolor brushes:

Another gouache video demonstration:


Have fun!