F R E E g o o d s !

I’m hoping the title grabbed your attention 😉

I have recently discovered the site Creative Market! “free is for me!”

It is a great site for two reasons: free stuff (on a weekly basis, the rest are items to purchase) and the ability to offer some of your own makings to the world!

It seems like each week there is a free item from each category: type, illustrator brushes, clipart, and some other handmade items that have been scanned in to use digitally. I thought of Emily Cromwell’s tutorial on the gouache illustrator brushes and figured I would let everyone know about this resource for free brush potential each week! Enjoy!

Check it out!  c r e a t i v e  m a r k e t



In class today, we are talking about the postcard for the senior show. Our theme is “Make Your Mark” and we have decided to incorporate our signatures as a big part of the aesthetics of the show. This is a sketch of a possible idea for one side of the postcard. Emily has taken the one for the team and is working on the postcard for Thursday.

Thanks Emily!! We look forward to what she comes up with 🙂



Hello Everyone!

We have discussed in class that Thursday will be the day to work on our postcard ideas for the senior show. In order to come to class with ideas/sketches, we need to nail down the theme for the show!

Using the poll below, please vote by 9:00pm tonight on your choice for the show theme. You may only choose one answer per vote so choose wisely!


Simon Walker is a graphic designer who is very famous for making his own typefaces. He has worked for Nickelodeon, American Eagle, Vanity Fair, ESPN, Nike, Pepsi, and many more. He has two original fonts currently available; one is $30 and the other is $40. Truly a steal for the amount of characters, number of ligatures, and the quality of the fonts.

Below is a link to one of his projects for Anolon Cookware that I think is BEAUTIFUL!

Take a peek!  Simon_Walker_Type